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     The New Twilight Zone (1985)
Merl Saunders, R.I.P. (27)
Jerry Garcia (1)
Bob Weir (1)
Mickey Hart (2)
Grateful Dead (8)
Barry De Vorzon (1)
Robert Drasnin (5)
Jerrold Immel (1) (interview)
Basil Poledouris, R.I.P. (3)
Lance Rubin (1)
Craig Safan (7)
Morton Stevens, R.I.P. (4)
Harry Betts (1)
William Goldstein (3)
Kenneth Wannberg (1)
Christopher Young (1)
Arthur Kempel (3)
Dennis McCarthy (4)
Artie Butler (1)
Robert Folk (5)
Fred Steiner, R.I.P. (1)
Richard Stone, R.I.P. (1)
J.A.C. Redford (1)
Ron Ramin (2)
Elliot Kaplan, R.I.P. (2)
Michael Wetherwax (1)
John Welsman (7)
John Tucker (2)
Louis Natale (1)
Carlos Lopes & Aiden Mason (3)
Glenn Morley & Lawrence Shragge (1)
Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon (2)
Jon Goldsmith (2)
Mark Korven (1)
Christopher Page (uncredited)
John Cipollina, R.I.P. (uncredited, with Saunders)
Merl Saunders & the Grateful Dead (all seasons)
CD RELEASES (official/promo/bootlegs):
Twilight Zone cover McCarthy Twilight Zone cover Boot

CORRECTION: Thanks to a score fan who pointed out another incorrect credit. That's what I get for getting some of the credits from IMDb! "Song og the Younger World" is Folk, not Poledouris. Corrected and the appropriate composer counts also modified. (January 25, 2014)

    SEASON 1:
  1. "Shatterday / A Little Peace and Quiet"
    Segment one: Merl Saunders, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, & Mickey Hart
    Segment two: Merl Saunders & the Grateful Dead

  2. "Wordplay / Dreams for Sale / Chameleon"
    S1: Merl Saunders & the Grateful Dead
    S2: Merl Saunders & the Grateful Dead
    S3: Merl Saunders & the Grateful Dead

  3. "Healer / Children's Zoo / Kentucky Rye"
    S1: Barry De Vorzon
    S2: Robert Drasnin
    S3: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders

  4. "Little Boy Lost / Wish Bank / Nightcrawlers"
    S1: Robert Drasnin
    S2 and S3: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders

  5. "If She Dies / Ye Gods"
    S1: Jerrold Immel
    S2: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders

  6. "Examination Day / A Message from Charity"
    S1: The Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders
    S2: Basil Poledouris, R.I.P.

  7. "Teacher's Aide / Paladin of the Lost Hour"
    S1: Craig Safan
    S2: Robert Drasnin

  8. "Act Break / The Burning Man / Dealer's Choice"
    S1: Lance Rubin
    S2: Lance Rubin
    S3: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders

  9. "Dead Woman's Shoes / Wong's Lost and Found Emporium"
    Both segments: Craig Safan

  10. "Dead Woman's Shoes"
    Merl Saunders

  11. "The Shadow Man / The Uncle Devil Show / Opening Day"
    S1: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders
    S2 and S3: Craig Safan

  12. "The Beacon / One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty"
    S1: Morton Stevens
    S2: Harry (Richard) Betts

  13. "Her Pilgrim Soul / I of Newton"
    S1: William Goldstein
    S2: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders

  14. "Night of the Meek / But Can She Type? / The Star"
    S1: Morton Stevens
    S2: Merl Saunders & the Grateful Dead
    S2: Morton Stevens (rejected score)
    S3: Morton Stevens

  15. "Still Life / The Little People of Killany Woods / The Misfortune Cookie"
    S1: Kenneth Wannberg
    S2: Morton Stevens
    S3: Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders

  16. "Monsters! / A Small Talent for War / A Matter of Minutes"
    S1: Basil Poledouris, R.I.P.
    S2 and 3: Christopher Young

  17. "The Elevator / To See the Invisible Man / Tooth and Consequences"
    S1: Arthur Kempel
    S2 and 3: Craig Safan

  18. "Welcome to Winfield / Quarantine"
    S1: Merl Saunders
    S2: Dennis McCarthy

  19. "Gramma / Personal Demons / Cold Reading"
    S1: Mickey Hart
    S2: Arthur Kempel
    S3: Artie Butler

  20. "The Leprechaun-Artist / Dead Run"
    S1: Arthur Kempel
    S2: Merl Saunders
    S2: Harmonica By: Norton Buffalo

  21. "Profile in Silver / Button, Button"
    S1: Basil Poledouris, R.I.P.
    S2: Robert Folk

  22. "Need to Know / Red Snow"
    S1: Ron Ramin
    S2: Elliot Kaplan

  23. "Take My Life... Please! / Devil's Alphabet / The Library"
    S1: Merl Saunders
    S2: Merl Saunders
    S3: Dennis McCarthy

  24. "Shadow Play / Grace Note"
    S1: Merl Saunders
    S2: Robert Drasnin

  25. "A Day in Beaumont / The Last Defender of Camelot"
    S1: Fred Steiner
    S2: Elliot Kaplan

    SEASON 2:
  26. "The Once and Future King"
    Richard Stone

  27. "A Saucer of Loneliness"
    Robert Folk

  28. "What Are Friends For?"
    J.A.C. Redford

  29. "Aqua Vita"
    Gary Malkin Remal

  30. "The Storyteller"
    Ron Ramin

  31. "Nightsong"
    John Debney, Michael Wetherwax, & Stephen Stills.

  32. "The After Hours"
    Robert Folk

  33. "Lost and Found"
    Merl Saunders

  34. "The World Next Door"
    Merl Saunders

  35. "The Toys of Caliban"
    Merl Saunders

  36. "The Convict's Piano"
    Robert Drasnin (credited; alternate source lists Artie Kane, who is not credited)

  37. "The Road Less Travelled"
    Dennis McCarthy

  38. "The Card"
    William Goldstein

  39. "The Junction"
    Merl Saunders

  40. "Joy Ride"
    Merl Saunders

  41. "Shelter Skelter"
    Merl Saunders

  42. "Private Channel"
    Robert Folk

  43. "Time and Teresa Golowitz"
    William Goldstein

  44. "Voices in the Earth"
    Dennis McCarthy

  45. "Song of the Younger World"
    Robert Folk

  46. "The Girl I Married"
    Merl Saunders

    SEASON 3:
  47. "The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon"
    John Tucker

  48. "Extra Innings"
    Louis Natale

  49. "The Crossing"
    John Welsman

  50. "The Hunters"
    Louis Natale

  51. "Dream Me a Life"
    Christopher Dedrick

  52. "Memories"
    Louis Natale

  53. "The Hellgramite Method"
    Carlos Lopes & Aiden Mason

  54. "Our Sylena Is Dying"
    Louis Natale

  55. "The Call"
    John Welsman

  56. "The Trance"
    John Welsman

  57. "Acts of Terror"
    Louis Natale

  58. "20/20 Vision"
    Gleen Morley & Lawrence Schragge

  59. "There Was An Old Woman"
    Micky Erbe & Meribeth Solomon

  60. "The Trunk"
    Carlos Lopes & Aiden Mason

  61. "Appointment on Route 17"
    John Welsman

  62. "The Cold Equations"
    Micky Erbe & Meribeth Solomon

  63. "Stranger in Possum Meadows"
    Louis Natale

  64. "Street of Shadows"
    John Tucker

  65. "Something in the Walls"
    Jon Goldsmith

  66. "A Game of Pool"
    Louis Natale

  67. "The Wall"
    Jon Goldsmith

  68. "Room 2426"
    John Tucker

  69. "The Mind of Simon Foster"
    Louis Natale

  70. "Cat and Mouse"
    John Welsman

  71. "Many, Many Monkeys"
    Mark Korven

  72. "Rendezvous in a Dark Place"
    Louis Natale

  73. "Special Service"
    John Welsman

  74. "Love Is Blind"
    Carlos Lopes & Aiden Mason

  75. "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich"
    Louis Natale

  76. "Father and Son Game"
    John Welsman

MUSICIANS (incomplete, as are all lists on this site):
HARMONICA Tommy Morgan.
PERCUSSION Emil Richards.
SAXOPHNE Mel Martin.
UNKNOWN Arthur Barrow.
Inception Sound.